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Mask Covers, Filtered Face Mask s

Breathe Happy Filteted Face mask has been developed to for those of US who have to Protect our lungs & airways with a mask every time we step out in the "AIR" or public.
Dirt, dust, pollen, pollution & germs are floating everywhere in OUR AIR! Protecting Our Airways from toxins is critically important today! To Save your Lungs , Airways & your Life protect yourself with a Breathe Happy Filtered Face Mask . Breathe Happy & Be Happy as the world smiles with you!
Breathe Happy Filtered Face Mask are packaged 2 Breathe Happy Filtered Face Mask s Covers & 10 Filters for 14.95.
We are excited to be able to offer our customers with a monthly Masks of the Month Membership plan so you have a Clean Fresh Breathe Happy Filtered Face Mask for evevyday of the week.
Save Time, Save Money, & Save your Life. Enjoy the convenience of our monthly shipments delivered to your door.
Membership includes 4 New Breathe Happy Face Mask Covers & 30
filters delivered to your door the 1st week of every month.

All for only $24.95 a month based on a 1 year membership.
Monthly Breathe Happy face mask will have New designs & seasonal Holiday styles for their covers changing every month. 

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